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Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy consists of a cooperative alliance. Whatever we agree to focus on, we approach it in a collaborative way. Although I will make suggestions and guide the process, the way we deal with the problems depends on what makes sense to both of us and on how it goes. Because we work as a team, honest feedback to each other is essential.

I need to learn about you as well as I can in the context of your personal life experiences, your culture, and of course your current life situation. In addition to hearing about your background and life story, I maintain a focus on what is happening in the present, in your reactions and feelings, and in our interaction.

For me, the core of the therapy is in what happens between us as well as what is going on within you. Therapy is an interpersonal situation in which you can safely be your real self, get to know yourself in a more comfortable way, and develop self-acceptance. To accomplish this, it is important for you to feel safe and understood. In our open dialog, I offer respectful listening and honest feedback about what I observe and come to understand about you. By focusing on our interaction, we may come up with ways for you to find more satisfying interactions with others.

This process is what keeps me wanting to do this work. It is stimulating and intriguing to have the privilege of getting to know people in this way, and it is gratifying to see people find ways of feeling more satisfied and living life more fully.

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Stuart Cohen, Ph.D.
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